Privacy Policy…

Thank you for trusting First Thought Training with certain information about you.  We take that trust seriously and want to explain how we use your information and why.

Who is holding your information?

First Thought training is a Limited Company and has been in business since October 2016. The main contact details are

Our service is for the NHS as well as other businesses and we do what any business owner tries to do.  We like to explore what works and what doesn’t and to constantly strive to improve what we offer.

We monitor the volume of visitors to our website and also how you found us, where you came from and which pages were of interest when visiting our site. We do not know who you are or collect email addresses from website visitors. If you don’t fill in the contact us form and provide your email, there is no other way we have your details.

We use cookies to enable us to use things like google analytics.  You can disable cookies in your browser if you don’t want us to collect them. None of this results in us contacting you or monitoring you in any personal or individual way – we just like to know who our typical customer is and what they like.

Downloads and services

If you contact us and request information on our services we will include your details on our sales and marketing database and send you the information what you requested.

Financial details

If you pay us by BACS, we know only what the bank identify – usually the name of the organisation who paid us and how much and the reference number.

We do not keep credit scores.

Where do we get data about you from?

Most of the information that we hold about you comes from you. Any business websites we will add to our contact record for you, along with your contact details.

 Data Sharing

We do not sell or exchange the data we hold with any organisation who may want to sell you something or use your data for research or other purposes. If at any point we decided to exchange lists with another organisation, we would ask you to ‘opt-in’ to such a system. Our continuing silence means we are not doing so.

We have an outsourced support team for our business, including, Web Designers, IT support, Accounting and more.  They have limited access to your data, For example, if we invoice you, our Accountant will need to see the invoice in order to complete any returns.

Your information is held in the strictest confidence. Our team are all contracted to strict confidentiality clauses and we monitor and restrict their data usage.  We only use mainstream software and we use the most secure login options available to us.

We restrict who can export or download data that is held to a limited number of individuals who are authorised to back up data.

Where is your data located?

Like most small businesses, we do not have any tailor-made software – we use mainstream packages for everything from our customer records, to email, to accounting.

Retention periods

We aim to have long-term relationships with our clients.  For that reason, we will retain information for 10 years from the last point of contact.  This allows us to have financial records going far enough back to satisfy HMRC, advice records going far enough back to satisfy our insurers. Our clients often come back to us for information they have forgotten or can no longer find.

Want to see what we hold on you?

If you want to know what information we have about you (if any) email and give us your name, email address(es) and we will happily do a search and send you screenshots of what we have.  If you want to be removed from our customer records, please let us know.

Your rights

We don’t want to collect any information that is not necessary to running our business and making you a happy customer.  If you feel for some reason we have information we should not be keeping, or it is out of date or otherwise wrong, please let us know and we will take appropriate action.


If you have a complaint about the way we are handling your information or how we have responded to a request for information or removal, you can take this up in the first instance with us.

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